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Mission Statement

To provide efficient, friendly eye care services to our patients. Our doctors provide an extremely thorough evaluation to each and every patient.



Galloway Eye Care Professionals, Inc was founded in 2006 by Jennifer Mattson, OD, who is a long time resident of the west side of Columbus. She is a graduate of Westland High School and is very happy to be serving patients on the Westland area as well as Hilliard, Grove City, and other areas of Columbus.

We started as a “cold open” on December 19, 2006 with Jennifer A. Mattson, O.D. as the only doctor and owner. She has also been a clinical instructor at The Ohio State University College of Optometry since September, 2006. As an instructor she taught introductory labs to second and third year students in areas of primary optometry and binocular vision. She has also instructed second, third, and fourth year students in the primary care and binocular vision and pediatric clinics. As the practice grew, she cut back her time at OSU to grow her patient base at Galloway Eye Care. She now teaches two days per week, Wednesdays at Galloway Eye Care with a 4th year intern and Thursdays at OSU in the Binocular Vision and Pediatric Clinic.